Substainable Agriculture

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Substainable Agriculture

History Agriculture has changed since the end of WW2. Food and Fiber produduction has increased rapidly due to technology, mechanism , chemistry, biology, and specilization. Back in the days i was harder to farm now a days its easier with more importance.

How to Move Towards A Substainable Agriculture

A Sustainable Agriculture is the production of food, fiber,plants/animals products using farming skills that protect the environment, public health, in general the society and animal welfare.

3 intresting facts : - 40% of todays global population works in agriculture, making it the single largest employer in the world - there are four goals to a sustainable agriculture1. Human needs, and biofuel contibutes 2. Sustain the economic viability of agriculture 3. Enhance the environment equality 4. Keep society in whole - Agriculture is an industy with many jobs its not just farming.

A sustainable agriculture applys to bioology because of ecology and evolutionary biology. For agriculture some use plant defenses but you have to test it before using it because some plants can be dangerous to the crops. So you have to take an educated guess applys to biology and other things.

A sustaianble agriculture affects you as a individual in many ways as in a good way and bad. Did you know agriculture consumes 70% of fresh water in the world. A sustainable agriculture can improve the food production so there would be less diseases and things like that.

To have a sustainable agriculture it deals with alot of specific industrys because you have to piece them all together like water, crop production, meat , vegtables industries and alot more . Also it deals wiith social and economic equality and environmental health and profit.

Agriculture has changed over the past years, now a days sustainable farmers are using innovative techniques to produce and distribute food. For example, in this new generation thats more free, food is being grown on rooftops, communtiy gardens, anywhere actually where there is space available.


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