Subsce abuse- Alcohol

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Subsce abuse- Alcohol

Subsce abuse - Alcohol

My thinking on Question 2

Why do people like to drink alcohol?

I was at school and having a normal day when a guy came up to me and said do you want a cookie, I said no. I keep walking and he said “come on I made one special.” I thought about it and asked what was in it. He hesitated “ Umm it has chocolate and other stuff like a regular cookie would have, and marijuana.” I directly said no. The next day he came to me again and said “Do you want a cookie?” I was mad and shouted “ NO!” “ Fine I will give it to someone elts.”I saw who he gave it to and he was in my next class. michel ate the cookie and was fine, i could of taken the cookie but it was too late we were about halfway through class and Michel who ate the cookie was looking drowsy. I look at the guy who gave him the cookie, he had a smirk on his face I knew i shouldn't of ate that cookie. The teacher saw him and took him to the office. A Few weeks later I found out that the cookie had drugs and alcohol not just marijuana in it. I was glad I said no.

Question 1

I think alcohol is addictive because many of bears and wine have a chemical that makes you feel good when you drink it. So when people drink it they feel good inside so they want more of it and that is today why people drink it so often. Also that's why people get drunk is because it is addictive and they want more which makes them drink more and it makes them drunk.

How many people go to the hospital each year due to them drinking alcohol?

Question 2

Why is alcohol addictive?/ Why do people get drunk from alcohol?

My thinking on question 3

Question 3

My thinkingI think people like and drink Alcohol because it's addicting and people have nothing else to do in their lives then just drink and get drunk.Plus people just like driking they think it will make their life better. Also a web site says that people have and exuse to why they drink alcohol

My thinking on question 1

From what studies and nurses say there are 1,057,000 alcohol-related admissions to the hospital each year. And the reason they go to the hospital is because there are so drunk they almost die and the steel and shoot and make murders and that's what all of the commotions these days in theaters and in everything. plus they get into a car after a drink or more and drunk drive which is against the law. Also it causes heartburn, pancreatic inflammation, memory loss, brain damage, disabilities, nerve damage,

My thinking on Question 2


Decision making process:

1.My decision to be made is to NEVER drink alcohol in my life. Will i be tempted? YES people and stores all around my will tempt me or even threaten me to drink it but I will not drink any kind of alcohol. 2. my options are limited because if I don't want to drink alcohol I will not. If i get invited to a “ At a bar” party I will not go because it will tempt me to try it. 3.If I try the alcohol then the possible outcome will be that first my religion will be ruined for me. Also my parents will get really really mad and I might not get to go anywhere not even school.


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