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Social Studies

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Many details have changed of the submarines of Industrial age from now. There are many changes but the most important ones are that it weighs 7,800 tons, measures 377 feet long and can remain submerged on covert surveillance up to three months. It travels faster than 25 knots underwater and dives farther than 800 feet.. Inside of it there are screens and better sources of maps like computers than what it used to be before like paper. Instead of having a lookout sailor's eye, they have made a new machine to control whats around the outside.

Digital age

David Bunhnell (1740–1824) built the first submarine to actually make an attack on an enemy warship. Hedudded the submarine as “Turtle” because is resembled a sea-turtle floating vertically in the water, it was operated by Sergant Ezra Lee.He used for first time the Turtle in attempts to attack British ships which were blockading New York Harbor in September 1, 1776. His efforts failed every time because the Turtle's boring device was unable to penetrate the copper sheeting lining in the ships' hulls which was designed to protect against parasites in their previous station, the Caribbean. The Turtle eventually sank when it was trying to retreat from British observation, yet a Bushnell family member as sole commander, bailed out and survived.

We have thought that submarines in 100 years from now, are going to be very different form the ones that we use today. The main uses for submarines where to transport soldiers secretly, but now a days we practicly don’t have more wars, so submarines in 100 years are going to have a different use. One idea could be to se the seabed. It would be grat to spend some time under water in a submarine and beeing able to see all the fish and the sea wrack. People are going to pay for a trip in submarine insetad of a trip on a ship.These submarines are going to be ainly made of glass and at the back a motor, there will also be some lights to see in th dark if you go very deep. Inside of it there will be a big bench so people can sit down while seeing the whole sea.


Industrial revolution

Actual Submarine

Agricultural age

Curiosities:There is a legend that explains that Alexander the Great descendet into the sea in a primitive diving bell, before any submarines existed. After that many talanted people where courious about that and they tried to design many submarines, but they never worked until David Bunhell created the first submarine that worked propperly.


In the agricultural age submarines didn’t exist, at the times only Galleon ship existed as war ship. A galleon is a sailing vessel used from the early 16th to the 18th Century. The galleons were powerful destruction boats that could be also used for trade or war. The following war ships were designed based on the Galleon’s. The big disadvantage was that they couldn’t transport the military with stealth, they need for stealth. The first person who thought to invent some marine transport was Willam Bourne in 1580, he only thought about the idea but he never managed to create it or design.



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