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Giving Tree Writing ActivityAfter reading and discussing the book, students reflect and write about the gift they would most like to give and to who. Grades 2-8.

Because a substitute is not guaranteed a specific grade level, I decided to be prepared to teach any grade from Kindergarden to 5th!!

First things first.Rules:



Emergency Alert:


Response Sheet

Dear ____________,It has been so great subbing in your class today. I hope to come back soon and do it again. Your children were excellent and I really enjoyed the day with them. Here is my contact information if you ever need a sub again!! -Ashley Miller 909) 964-0257

Book Activities:


What Dot? Art Activity for any age:The students will make a dot by NOT painting a dot. Try painting around your imagined dot, leaving the center blank.

Strawberry Alphabet MatchStudents will complete this simple worksheet, learning to match their Uppercase letters and Lowercase. Intended for Kindergarden.

5th Grade

3rd Grade

1st Grade

Mad Lib Fun

Sponge Activities:

A fun quick game to get the students involved. Offers fun and learning about parts of speech

Scavenger HuntThis allows for the students to get up and learn in a fun way. Plus the sub can ask additional questions after the items are found.

Be the TeacherI'll call on someone at random, and ask them to go to the board and in two minutes or less re-teach what they've learned that day. Encourage students to ask questions.


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