Sub-Saharan Trade Routes

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Sub-Saharan Trade Routes

Sub-Saharan Trade RoutesBy: Henry Josephson and Emily Phelan




Africans adapted Europeans method of canals, aqueducts, and plumbing to create sytems of irrigation to water crops. Agriculture became much more efficient. Especially considering that the previoous method was to pour water on the soil that was carried in by farmers.

Though trade was done over the Sahara from 600 to 1750, it was mostly a European desire for precious metals, salt, ivory, and slaves. They seeked none of the few technologies that Africa possessed. They did not support Africans and encourage the enslavement of them. A lot of the tension between the Europeans, Arabs, and northern Africans towards the sub-Saharan Africans was due to racism.

After coming into contact with wealthy Arab and European merchants who thrived off profit. Sub-Sahran African societies became more capitalistic and less socialized. Dependence on each other lessened and the desire for profits increased.

The main effects that occured in Sub-Saharan Africa during 600-1450, were racism, the population was large, and most benefits and profit went to Europe.

As tribes and kingdoms grew larger, the Africans became less social ized and more capitalistic.

Africans adapted European Irrigation Methods during the 9th century.

Africa took from Europe but Europe ignored African technology and political and economic institutions.

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Non-African agricultural societies trading with the wealthiest African kingdoms for slaves for labor.

Racial discrimination between Europeans, North Africans, Arabs, against the sub-Saharan Africans

Non-Africans needed laborers for their agricultural societies and traded with the most powerful African kingdoms and tribes for slaves. The slaves came from weaker concord kingdoms are tribe south of the Sahara. The use of slaves also continued into the colonies of the European mother countries during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

With almost all sub-Saharan Africans in Europe and Arabia being slaves Atlanta racism. This racism lead to a lack of cultural diffusion coming from Africa into Arabia and Europe. The racism continued from the times as early as 600 in the trans-Saharan slave trade and easily passed 1750 with slavery in the Americas and Europe still predominate.


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