Sub-Saharan Africa (by annielinn)

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Sub-Saharan Africa (by annielinn)

Just give us the tools and we'll finish the job.

Mistreated & Undernourished, fighting for survival.

Donate whatever possible. Every little contribution can together, create an important & tremendous difference.

Now is the time for a CHANGE, before it's too late. Help the kids living in poverty, SPEAK NOW.

Look at us.

Look at them... try putting yourself in their shoes. We wouldn't last.

Human Development Index Sub-Saharan Africa : 0.312 Canada:0.960 Gross Domestic Product Sub-Saharan Africa: $1,047 Canada: $39,600

-Sub-Saharan Africa is the poorest region in the entire world -At least 25 million people in Africa are HIV-positive -90% of all malaria cases are in sub-Saharan Africa -12 million children who have lost their parents to AIDS face a devastating future

A little help goes a long way.



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