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Sub Bag-Paulina

Substitute Teacher Bag!

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Be Sunshine Ready!

You never know if you will have to do recess or noon duty... Better to be safe than sorry!


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Have some quick, easy and fun activities/worksheets handy in case you have a few minutes to spare throughout the day!

Classroom Rules!1. Listen when teacher is talking.2. Follow directions quickly.3. Respect others, respect yourself, respect your school.4. Raise your hand to speak to the class.5. Be kind and patient!

Book Activities:"We are in a Book"* get into small groups and create a skit where you realize that the audience can see and hear you. You can choose your setting, skies the limit!"Knuffle Bunny Free"* Write about a certain time when you had to say "bye" to something or someone you love. Explian how it made you feel and what you learned about that experience. Draw a sketch of your story."The Day the Crayons Quit"* Write a letter (love, concern, sad, angry) to a crayon that expresses your feelings or concerns for that particular crayon. Wel will be putting the letters into envelopes and learning how to write an address properly.

Paulina Navarro(626)

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Sponge Activities:* Simon Says!Students need a break from sitting for long periods of time. You can play "Simon Says" and get the kids motivated, charged up and ready to learn with a couple of simple excersizes and brain stimulators.* Classroom ConversationsYou can ask simple questions to the class to get a group discussion going on.For example:1. Think of things that are too heavy to carry.2. Name places that you see numbers.3. Think of things that come in boxes.4. Think of things that grow.



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