[2015] arron grandy: Stutsman county

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[2015] arron grandy: Stutsman county

-Parkhurst is a natural prarie setting covering 134 acres. There are picnic sites, boat docks, and campgrounds. There is also a trail mountain biking and hiking.-Sandy Beach has overnight camping, for no cost, boat docks for fishing and for other water sport activities.-The Jamestown Reservoir has 45 miles of shoreline. You can fish there, and you can go boating. They have 335 campsites, 110 RV campsites, and over 2 miles of trail for biking and for walking.- The Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site (OWLS) you can learn about different plants and animals. They also have a small pond for young fisherman learn the basics of fishing.

Geography The altitude is 518ft/1699ft. Some surrounding counties are Foster county(N) Barnes county(E) LaMoure county(SE) Logan county (SW) and Kidder county(W)


Stutsman County

Events in the community

Some of the events that take place in Stutsman county is the Stutsman county fair. This takes place in Jamestown. There are concerts, rides, food court, and shopping. This is something to look forward to in Stutsman county. Another activity that takes place in Stutsman county is rodeos. They are mostly in Jamestown, but there are also some in smaller near-by towns.

Stustman county courthouse

This county was created in 1872-1873 and was named after Enos Stutsman. Enos Stutsman was born with Phocomelia, which means lacking arms and legs. He became a powerful politicion in the early days of the Dakota territory. Enos helped decide on the county government on June 20, 1873. He helped decide where to put the county seat. The county seat is Jamestown.




Founded in 1873Population-21,120Area-2,298mi.white-94%black-2.4%mixed-1.7%other-1.4%


CommunitiesSome cities are Buchanan,Cleveland, Courtenay, Jamestown, Kensal, Medina, Montpelier, Pingree, Spiritwood Lake, Streeter, and Woodworth. A couple townships is Lyon, Paris, Weld, and Gray. The county seat is Jamestown.

Current IssuesThe Stutsman county states attorny has been accused of creating a hostile work environment. They are determining weather to fire him.


Jamestown Reservoir


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