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Stupid Fast

The theme of this book is to overcome adversity. Felton has been dealt a difficult hand in life. He found his dad hanging in the garage, his only friend has left the country, his mom “hates” him and no one at school knows he exists. However, with a little help from puberty, Felton was able to turn a lot of things in his life around. He never once gave up, and became a stronger because of it.

Felton Reinstein 6 foot 2220 poundsRunning Back"I'm stupid fast, seriously."


Felton Reinstein spent his first nine years of school practically being invisible. He wanted so badly to be a comedian, but he wasn't funny. It seemed that nothing was going his way. He had very few friends and the popular kids would call him Squirrel Nut. Then in the blink of an eye everyone, including coaches, started to notice him. Felton grew 12 inches and gained 50 pounds between his freshman and sophomore year of high school. Felton went from being a nobody, to becoming a super athlete like Waler Payton. He also started hanging out with the popular crowd. Felton finally had confidence to do things with his life, like go after a girl. With all of these changes going on in his life, he began to wonder more about his father. Felton discovers a secret about his fathers past, and then Feltons questions start getting answered.

Felton Reinstein


Geoff Herbach

Born: October 30th 1969Place of Birth: Dubuque IowaAwards: Stupid Fast was a 2011 winner of Cybils Award in the Young Adult Fiction category. Its sequel Nothing Special won the 2013 Minnesota Book Award for Young People's literature

Stupid FastBy Geoff Herbach


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