Studying and Memory Techniques

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Studying and Memory Techniques

In more detail....1. Rehearsal is a key part of getting short term memory to become long term, much like how an actor rehearses lines. You can do this vy reading something several times or answering questions more than once.2. Chunking is splitting information into smaller 'chunks', so it is easier to obserb and remember.3. Association can be anything from associating information with a song/place/event or in the case of the peg system, a number. 4. Summarise all of your work by picking out key words or points. This will make revising quicker and easier to remember.5. Using visual or auditory revision can keep revising interesting and may be easier to retain for some.

1. Rehearsal2. Chunking3. Association4. Key Points5.Visual/Audio

Important Techniques:

Studying and Memory Techniques: For GCSE's

The Peg System is explained simply here:

This video shares informative and important tips on how best to study as well as a small section on how memory works. Be sure to pay attention to everything you hear!

Method of Loci Video:

Click the image to a helpful website containing many memory techniques.

Click this bubble! The games in this list from the Huffington Post may improve your memory. But don't let them distract you from studying!

Video on Mnemonics:


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