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Study Strategies

According to social cognitive theory, learning by example helps students acquire new behaviors quicker by having a demonstration done before. This is a helpful study strategy so when a student tries to perform a task alone, say a hard math problem, if they have done one in class already and have written the steps out with an instructor, it will hypothetically be easier to do once the student goes home to complete his/her homework assignment. Not only is the student learning how to do the task, but they also learn how to think about the task which can also be known as cognitive modeling.

Setting goals allows a student to challenge their self-efficacy. In social cognitive theory, it is believed learners are more likely to do certain tasks if they are able to execute those tasks successfully. Setting goals allows students to expand on this. For example, if a student is studying for the math portion of the SATs, they may set up a goal to complete 10 practice word problems a day within 45 minutes. They can set this goal and try to achieve it until it is possible. The student not only is learning, but they are ensuring they are going to be successful in their time studying.


Set Goals


Mnemonics are a part of cognitive psychology's principle of long-term memory storage. It serves as an effective study tool because students will attach meaning to new information which does not make much sense to them. Mnemonics also sometimes provide organization. For example, a student could use a song they enjoy and switch the lyrics to make sense of what they learned earlier in anatomy class.

Asking questions is a type of study strategy which utilizes the idea of elaboration. According to cognitive psychology, the more students elaborate on new material, the more effectively they will remember it. An example of this would be if a student was reading a passage out of a textbook and stopped every few paragraphs to ask questions about the paragraph they just read. Questions could be around how they feel about what they are reading or what the passages reminds them of in their life.

Ask Questions

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