Studies In Art History

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Studies In Art History

Religious Baroque ArtRenaissance ArtRebirth of Art During Renaissance

Each group will be assigned a movement in art history, which they will research and present to the class.Each presentation must have information on the movement (time period, what prompted it), artists who participated in the movement (who was working during that time period), and images of those artists' works. Each member of the group is responsible for describing at least one image in detail to the class.Access the project rubric from the paperclip at the top right corner of the screen.

RenaissanceMannerismBaroqueArt NouveauImpressionism

Artists' Works

For the artists' works you need to include the artist, title, date, medium, location, and a detailed description of the work.


Your sources should be:-in MLA format-at least one internet source and one book source-you can use easybib to help you

The Movements



Studies in Art History


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