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Students rebuild

Who are we helping?

The literacey challenge will help young students in Latin America (Peru), Africa (Mali), and Asia (Nepal).



of Reading

Students rebuild has teamed up with schools and clubs all over the world to make bookmarks. Each bookmark made and sent in will be matched with $1.00; up to $300,000 by the Benzos Family Foundation. Save the Children foundation has been a huge supporter in Students Rebuild projects. They have put a team together that will be delivering the bookmarks to the children.

What is the Literacy Challenge?

What is the literacy rate in these countries?

Through out the world 250 million children in or out of school cannot read or write. In Peru there is a 94% literacy rate. Mali's literacy rate is about 35%. Nepal has a 57% literacy rate.This has become a significant issue due to poverty in third world countries.

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