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Students Rebuild

All of these countries have a lack of education, which is why we want to give the people books! Here are some statistics:Nepal: Only 57.4% of people are literate,Most of them being men.Mali: Only about 33.4% of the population is literate, which we can hopefully improve.Peru: 89.6% of the population is literate, which is pretty good, but we can raise that number to a 100%ALL STATISTICS FOR 15 AND OVER


~ This year students from around the world are creating bookmarks to raise money for Nepal, Peru, and Mali

West Tech is changing the world one country at a time....

Peru Map

~The goal for this year's literacy challenge is to create 300,000 bookmarks to raise $300,000. (That's a third of a million dollars!)

Nepal Map

Information about Literacy in these Countries:

~The Literacy Challenge is so important because we have to educate everyone and let everyone try to be successful.

For more information on Students Rebuild 2015:

Link to APA references:

Peruvian Music

Music from Mali

Nepal Folk Music

~Sara Adnan


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