Students' introduction BB

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Students' introduction BB

My frist name MarioMy school is Primary Sschool Balatonboglr.My favourite subject is P.E. ArtMy favourite sport is footballMy hobby is riding my bikeMy favourite colour is blackI like is music is pop,urbanhappy spotos stb.tiger

This is our school

My first name is Szimonetta.My country Hungary .I live in Balatonboglr .My school is Primary School Balatonboglr.My favourite subject are P.E and English.My favourite sport are running, swimming and riding the bike.I like triathlon My favourite color is pink.I like ipopular music.I am a happy sportgirl.I would like to be a tiger

My name is Leila. My favourite subject is History. My favourite sport is swimming. My hobby is riding the bike. My favourite colur is white. My favourite reastaurand is pizzeria I have brown eyes and long brown hair. I like hip-hop music. My favourite is Lola. I like popular music . I amhappy spotgirl.tiger

My firstname MarkMy school is Primary School BalatonboglrMy favourite subject is P.E and GeographyMy favourite sport is foodballMy hobby is listening to musicMy favourite colour is black and redjaguar

My firstname is Virag My country is Hungary. I live in Balatonboglr.My school is Primary School Balatonboglr. My favourite subject are English and PE.My favourite sport is tennis. My hobbyies are watching TV and playing on computer and meeting with my friends.My favourite restarant is Piero's. I am tall and slim.I have green eyes and long blondie hair. My favourite musicians : Selena Gomez, Indiana Evens. You should visit the churches and beach and sport center. I am friendly and sporty and cheerful.

This is English group grade 6

This is English group grade 5

Here is the link to our introductions with photos

My favourite subject is P.E., because Ilike moving.My favourite sport is playing tennis.My hobby is playing my sister.My favourite book is h2o just add water.My favourite colours are red, orange, green.I haven't got favourite restaurant.My firstname is Zsanett.My country is Hungary.I live in Balatonboglr.My school is Primary School Balatonboglr.Iam tall and slim.Ihave brown eyes and long brown hair.I like pop musicMy,favurite musicians are Selena Gomes,Mili Cyrus,Viola Hold.My favourite places to ivisit in my hometown are the churches,Fishl-house,beach. I am nice,shy,friendly.I would like to be a to be a cat because they are nice ,friedly and they like eating.



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