Students as Creators

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Students as Creators

Students as creators is a new trend that encourages teachers to take control of their learning. Students use digital devices to explore content, create presentations, record podcasts, and produce videos. Students as creators is a shift from students as consumers; students no longer demonstrate learning on paper or through a tranditional assessment. Technology enables students to be creative and demonstrate deep understanding of the content.

-Students can create products through the use of apps and webtools. -Teachers become creators too and can publish student work on academic websites .-students are engaged and interested in the content.


Students as Creators

Why ?

-Some schools may have limited technology.-School copyright laws unfairly take credit for student work. -Teachers need more training for the shift from students as consumers to creators


Advocate:I am an advocate of students as creators because it encourages deep learning and engagement.

Schools can use professional development sessions to aid teachers in the new shift to let students explore and create. SChools with limited technology can access apps and webtools that are free to use. Students can work in groups and share the technology that is available.


The trend shows students have changed from consumers to creators

Students have emerged from consumers to creators


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