Students and teachers

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Students and teachers

Learning Styles

Reasons for learning

Learners & Teachers

Sometimes students just learn English because is on the curriculum, but others studying English reflects some choice.

Learners differences:It's about age, individual abilities, knowledge and preferences.As there are different learners is neccesary that the teacher keep the motivation during his classes.

Extrinsic motivation when students are influenced by external factors.

Another two keys to keep student's motivation are : Affect and Agency

Instrinsic Motivation when students are influenced by teachers at school.

The teacher has to be carefull with the level of challenge, and the activities must involve the students and keep up their curiosity.

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming explain that we respond to all different stimuli suchas, visual, auditory, kinaesthic, one will be more powerfull than the others when we learn o rememberwhat we have learnt.

The concept of Multi-Intelligences artculated by Howard Gardener, explain that we all have a number of different intelligences such as Mathematical, musical, interpersonal, spatial, emotional, etc. And we are better in one than in other, but that doesn't determinated if we are intelligent or unintelligent.

*Must have a personality.*Must be ready to face different events in the classroom.*Must be able to adopt different roles in the class: Controller, Agency, Prompter, Assessor and Tutor.

Rapport is the relationship between T & STS.The motivation of students will depend of the rapport.

Teacher Knowledge is very important.

Variety on the activities to make them interesting.

Planning the class.Keep records.Being realiable.

Recognising Students: Sts. wants teachers to know their names.

Listening to students: Sts. responds better to teachers who listen to them.

Respect the students: Be able to correct without offending.