Student with Special Needs

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Student with Special Needs

-Training may be needed to assist the students parents in understanding and responding to their child's needs.-Give clear and complete directions when assigning homework to ADHD students; include amount of time and evaluation criteria.-Use visual organizers to help students.

Collaborating with other professionals is always important. Other professionals that can provide assisstance for working with different families include: -School Counselor, Social Worker, Special Education teachers, School Psychologist, Other General Education Teachers

Culuturally & Linguistically Diverse Familes: -Teachers should be aware of their students cultures, teach in a manner that is responsive to those cultures, and aknowledge and value the diverse cultures.Different Socioeconomic Background Families: - Maintain positive contact with familes and encourage participation -Help parents connect with community resourcesOther Diverse Families: -Send home letters in their native language -Invite families to the school for activities/events -Ask parents advice for what works best for their child

For collaborating with all team members...-Be respectful to each other and their opinions/suggestions-Be open for change/something new-Communication is key to healthy collaboration-Allows for expert advice

Special Considerations for working with...

Students with Special Needs


Professionals Assisstance


Interventions Can Include: -Curriculum Compacting: Eliminate instruction on curriculum they have already mastered; let them learn a topic in more depth. -Let students participate in activities that promote higher level thinking. -Differentiation

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