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Student Sample - Scatterplot

Baseball and Statistics: Is there a relationship between the batting average and the salary of baseball players?

Player Batting Avg. 2010-11 SalaryJosh Hamilton 359 3,250,000C Gonzalez 336 406,000M Cabrera 328 14,383,049J Mauer 327 J Votto 324 525,000O Infante 321 2,225,000A Beltre 321 9,000,000

Question: Is there a relationship between batting average and salary?Answer: According to the data, I have found that there is not a positive correlation between batting average and salary. Possible Reasons: Salaries seem to differ between teams; Research indicates that salary caps prohibit some high salaries. Salaries also differ based on how long a player maintains a high batting average. Players can negotiate for higher salaries.

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