Student Loan

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Student Loan

● The average Student Debt is roughly around $30,000.● Student debt affects 40 million Americans● A study shows that students are borrowing money more than ever, and that they will eventually end up paying their loans in their mid 60's with such high interest rates.

Student loan debt is also challenging the student's economic well-being by becoming financially distressed, It also leads to many health issues, such as depression & stress, and also causes many family issues. Many of these students live check-by-check when it comes to paying off their loans and not saving a penny to themselves. Students who apply for bankruptcy still have to pay their loans.

Student Loans


Student Debt Impacting our Students

● Are forgiveness program the solution?● Should there be laws restricting students from borrowing money?● What can we do?

What Now?

Student loan forgiveness seems to be the only solution for our younger generation with such high interest rates. There are many programs trying to help and shape up the economy but it seems that it ain't enough.There has yet to be an actual government program to wipe out our nations debt, but for now it seems that we are slowly approaching those methods.


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