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Student Accommodations

Allow enough wait time when asking students questions. Consider the students’ home environment and the possible effect on homework and projects

Student:Cross culture student (Native American), unstable home environment, frequently absent.

Student AccommodationsLeah-Anne Genet ' Stephanie MirandaTeam D/ Dr. Janis Kelley SPE/300October 29, 2014

Kelsey Elementary School

Redirect the student’s need to get attention and disturb class by using compensatory learning strategies and Direct Instruction on independent learning skills.

-Flash cards -Code Reading, fist-5 comprehension-Verbal instruction; communicate with stories-Adequate time in class for assignments and projects.

Student:Douglas is a White male student. He has become a minor discipline problem. He enjoys the attention of others while performing as the class clown

Student:Fine motor skill disabilities, frequently absent.

Targeted Instruction, small groups, guided reading can assist with his academic gaps, however parent involvement is very important. Behavior and trust need to be adjusted.

Student:Concerned about her inability to apply herself during class when given time to complete assignments. As a result, she is required to take the work home to be completed in addition to her regular homework.

Student:Lack of focus in school. Disruptive in class. Inconsistent with assignments and homework. Possible Interventions need in reading and writing.

-Assign a class job (teach personal responsibility)-Teacher creates study guide for student with key points of assignments-Behavior contract-In class Reward and Incentive programs

-Pencil Grips-Larger size print-computer time-Slanted work surface

Accommodations in the classroom....

Students with fine motor skill disabilities can benefit from physical or occupational therapy.

Accommodations in the classroom....

-Seating accommodations for questions and monitoring-Timer and Graphic Organizers-Molding clay/ manipulatives to complete assignments-Rewards and incentive program for completing class work on time

Redirect student to stay on task. Utilize reward and incentive programs for goals achieved and teach student time management tips and organizational tools.

-Seating accommodations for questions and monitoring-Behavior Contract and Daily Goals-Area of Proximity and Positive Narrative in class-Targeted Instruction, small groups, guided reading


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