Struggle for Status

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Social Studies
American History

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Struggle for Status

Gov't negotiate with Native Americans for their removal

Important Vocab.Removal ActTreatyTribal Council

Important Vocab.TribeChiefTrail of Tears

Struggle for Status

Trail of Tears-Part of the Removal Act policy.-Cherokke were FORCED off their land, unable to sign an agreement-Lands east of the Mississippi River were given up.-Forced to move to land in Oklahoma.-Hunger, disease, and exhaustion were faced.

They lived in Tee-Pees, played games, cooked their own food, and were able to enjoy it all on their OWN land.

Native Americans once had many different tribes with their own government system. Each had a chief and tribal council. Later, they started to struggle for status and thier own land.


Forcible relocation and movement of Native Americans

Tribe Leader

A group of Native Americans.

Agreement between Native Americans and U.S.: involved Indians giving up their land

An associaiton of Native American bands

-President Andrew Jackson negotiated 9 out of the 11 treaties. -Eastern lands were given up in exchanged for lands in the west.-Tribes agreed to this treaty.

Removal Act of 1830-President Andrew Jackson/Congress adopted this act.-Granted land west of the Mississippi River.-Financial assistance for moving was provided.



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