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A frame structure is made of different parts assembled together. All of the different parts assembled together support the load. Frame structures are often flexible and there is usually less material tha frame contructing the structure. A lot of bridges and the frames of homes are some good examples of frame structures.

Combintation structures are combinations of all three types of structures- solid, frame, and shell to add strength.

Shell structures are strong yet hollow. They are light for their size and they make good containers. They can be curved (making them stronger) or they could be flat. An egg is a good example of a frame structure- extremely strong yet so light. The dome shape of the egg is what causes that strength.

Shell Structures


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Solid structures are mass structures and are big and bulky. The molecules are tightly pack all the way through the structure making it that there is no hollow space. Solid structures are made to resist compression and other forces.

Solid Structures

Frame Structures

Some good examples of some combination structures

Canada's Wonderland: The Science Behind The Rides (Structures & Mechanisms)


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