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Form:Form is the shape and physical appearance of a structure.Here is a example:

Function:Function is the task or purpose that the structure is designed perform.Here is a example:

Frame structure uses a network or skeleton, of maerials that support each other.Here is a example:

Tension: Tension is an internal force that presses the portides of a stretched object aport. Here is a example:

Shear force happen when two force in an object push or pull in oppsite diretions.Here is a example:

Torsion: Torsion acts in an object when the object is twisted.Here is a example:

Compression: Compression is an internal force that presses the portides of an object together.Here is a example:

Dynamic load: Dynamic load is the force that more or change when acting on a structure.Here is a example:

Shell structure: Shell structure has a hollow, curved shape.Shell structure look like this:

Solid structure: Solid structure uses solid construction materials to support loads.Here is a example:

Internal force act on a structure from the outside.Here is a example:

External force act within the materials that make up a structure.Here is a example:

Purpose: The difference between function and purpose is that the function is what it does and purpose is what it's meant to do.

Live load is a strain on a structure that fluctautes as a result of changing circumstancesHere is a example:

Dead load: Dead load is a weight of a stucture.Here is a example:

By: Mark

Mass: Mass is some thing don't have grarity.Like this:

Centre of gravity: centre of gravity is where the structure's center and where most gravity of structure is.if the structure's centre of gravity low the structure will more stable.


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