Structures and Forces

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Structures and Forces

The purpose of the eiffel tower is mainly a tourist site and an observation tower. Eiffel tower is in a light brown color. Most of the tower is made out of iron and steel. There are 4 legs a the bottom and it come in to 1 at the top.

Eiffel tower is a Observation tower and Transmitter station. But often we go there for visit

The statue of liberty is build to show friendship granted to USA by the French and a symbol of freedom. The statue is in a light blue color. The statue stands on a stone structure.

This statue shows the friendship of US and frence. It is also a tourist site.

Purpose is why did people build this sturcture.Form is what does the sturcture looks like. Function is what does the structure do.


Frame structure is a type of structure where is made parts together.

solid structure is a type of structure where is solid all the way though. (most of the part)

shell structure is a type of structure where is strong, hollow, and light for its size.

internal force is that one part of a structure exerts on the other parts within the same structure.

external forces is a force that is applied from the out side of the structure.

the cars on the bridge is dynamic load. dynamic load is a load that is changing.


the bridge it self is static load. static load is a type of load that is not changing.

tension is a force that stretches apart to expand or lengthen.

compression is a force that squeezes or presses something together.

plane of application is side of a structure affected by a force.

point of application is exact location where a force meets a structure.


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