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Stroke Glog


Pt Plan of Care

1) Maintain ROM2) Strengthening3) Balance Training4) Work with OT for UE5) Gait Training

Pt Hx:29 y/o female living with @ home with sister and 1 nephew. Active with nephew, work, and social life prior to admittance.Pt Dx:Admitted with R. CVA and R. hemiparesis.

PT Eval:R UE: FlaccidL UE: Shld Flex = 3+/5 Shld ER = 4-/5;IR = 3+/5 Shld Abd = 3+/5 Elbow Flex/Ext = 4-/5 Pronation/Supination = 3+/5 Wrist Flex/Ext = 4-/5R LE: FlaccidL LE: Hip Abd/Add = 3+/5 Hip Flex = 4-/5; Ext = 3+/5 Knee Flex/Ext = 4-/5

Max-PROM/AROM-Bed mobility-Sitting Balance training-Strength Training-Pt Education-Muscle Facilitation-Pt Support

Mod-PROM/AROM/AAROM-Transfer Training-Standing Balance training-Strength Training-Muscle Facilitation-Proprioception Training

Min-AAROM/AROM-Transfer Training-W/C Safety-Dynamic Balance training-Strength Training-Gait Training-Pt Education-ADL training

Discharge:Pt discharged to acute care for further rehabilitation.

Musicco M, Emberti L, Nappi G, Caltagirone C. Early and long-term outcome of rehabilitation in stroke patients: The role of patient characteristics, time of initiation, and duration of interventions. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2003;84(4):551-558.



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