String Telephones

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String Telephones

String Telephones

What did we do?



Our Equipment

1. Make a small hole in the base of two paper cups with a nail or pencil.2. Push one end of the string through each hole. 3. Attach the string to both cups using the paper clip.4. Figure out how to make the messages as clear and loud as possible.



W.A.L.T & W.I.L.F

W.A.L.T: communicate by passing sound vibrations through the medium of a string telephone.W.I.L.F: collaborating with your partner, experimenting to find the most effective way to do this.

1. Did your string telephone work?2. What happened to the sound if the string hung loosely? 3. What happened to the sound when the string was tight?4. List three things you have learned about how sound travels.


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