Stretch It (Lemov Strategy)

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Stretch It (Lemov Strategy)

The sequence of learning does not end with a right answer; reward right answers with follow-up questions that extend knowledge and test for reliability.

There are several specific types of Stretch It questions that are especially effective ..................................................

Follow the Instructions Below

Stretch It

SSttrreettcchh IItt

Get Inspired

Offer students opportunities to use more specific words to develop vocabulary.

The best test of whether students can get answers right consistently is whether they can explain how they got the answer.

Ask How or Why.

Ask for Another Way to Answer.

There are multiple ways to answer a question. This is a great opportunity to make sure students use all available methods.

Ask for a Better Word.

Ask for Evidence.

Ask students to build and defend their conclusions and support opinions from among multiple possible answers.

Once students have mastered a skill, consider asking them to apply it in a new or more challenging setting.

Ask to Apply the Same Skill.

Try responding to mastery of one skill by asking students to integrate the skill.

Ask to Integrate a Related Skill.


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