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Stress project

1) Make sure I plan out the things I need to get done2) Make sure I focus on what I am doing so I can get things done quickly3) Make sure I get enough sleep

Don't STRESS Me Out!Jared Geiger & STRESS


Game Day - Preparing for a basketball or baseball game

Not having enough time to do everything I want to do

Taking tests at school / feeling like I'm not ready for the test

This is a stress for me since I like to do a lot of things like make good grades, play sports and play video games. For example, when I have a lot of homework to do after a game, I don't have much time to do anything else.

This is a stress for me since I worry about how I'm going to perform. Am I going to do good or bad? Before basketball, I have a lot of adrenaline which comes from stress.

This is a stressor for me since I worry about doing bad on it. I think I'm ready, it's just that I panic and forget what I studied the night before. For example, on my reading test a couple of years ago, I got so stressed out that I got a headache and I got sick. I was worried about my grade.

Why these are stressors

Increased responsibility - expected to do more on my own

This is a stress for me since I don't know how to do some things on my own. I want try to do it on my own since I want people to trust me with more responsibility An example is learning to mow the yard.

1) Keep a positive attitude2) Take deep breaths3) Just do my best and realize that I'm not perfect

1) Ask for advice on how to do something2) Ask for help doing the task3) Only do things I am comfortable doing

1) Visualize myself being successful2) Listen to music or watching TV3) Talk to teammates about the upcoming game

Game situations where the score is close, especially when I'm at bat or taking a shot

This is a stres for me since I play a lot of games in baseball and basketball where the score gets very close. Last summer, I was at bat in a game where bases were loaded, 2 outs, and I was at bat. I could feel the adrenaline, but I got a hit to win the game.

1) Visualize Success2) Take deep breaths3) Stretch / Stay loose

Stress Relieving Activities

Why Learning about stress is important

Solutions to Stressors

1) I eat well-balanced meals. I do not skip any meals. I try to eat healthy snacks. 2) Exercise - I like to go outside and shoot basketball. This helps me to clear my mind. 3) I talk to friends and family to let them know how I am feeling and let them know how they can help me. 4) I do things that make me happy. I spend time on my iPad, I play PS4, and I watch movies. 5) Relax - take a hot shower

1) For your health: A lot of stress can lead to serious health problems like stomach ulcers, stroke, asthma, and heart disease. 2) For friends and family: Stress can make you an irritable person who gets frustrated and impatient with others. This can make it hard to keep friends. 3) For good grades: Too much stress can interfere with learning and your ability to do well on tests4) To realize you are not perfect5) To learn about ways to deal with the stress or to realize when to ask for help


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