Stress Awareness

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Stress Awareness

Stresss Awareness

STRESS RELIEVING ACTIVITESOne stress relieving activity is i think of something i like. My second one is i sometimes count to one hundred. My third stress activity is going up stairs to my room and chilling. My fourth stress activity is talking to ariana because she makes me so happy especially when i get to talk to her. My final sress activity is i play out side with my friends.

STRESSORSOne stressor is school because we always get rushed with projects. My second stressor is people some people make me really mad when they talk to me. My third stressor is being under pressure. My fourth stressor is test in science because i fail them. My fifth stressor is talking back or being a smart mouth to like people and teachers.

RELEVANT FACTSYou need to learn about stress because it could tell you how to solve the stress. Stress is important because it affects everyone and is dangerous. Stress could make someone want to do something they will regret. Stress is good to learn about cause you could learn something that you didn't know. I feel better now knowing about stress cause i can hold in stress sometimes now.

EXPLANATION OF STRESSORSThese stressors are stressors because they make me mad. Most of them just make me confused. Science test i fail every one even if i study. I am kinda ride sometimes when i get mad like i might be sarcastic and rude. Projects allways rush me and i get really stressed out.

SOLUTIONS TO STRESSORSI will deal with my stressors by not getting mad when people i don't like talking. I will not talk back my teachers or adults when i am mad. I am gonna start to think before i say things when i'm stressed because i say dumb things when i'm mad. Im gonna start to chill when i'm stressed out i usually do but sometimes i cant. I will start to talk more when i am stressed out cause i like talking.Another is when i get a project i will have a plan. Also when i get a project i will show my parents it. I am also gonna get all the help i need for the projects. when i get mad about someone talking i will kindly ask them to not to talk to me. I am gonna warn people i dont like that im in a bad mood. I will also tell my teachers that im not in a bad mood. I will try to do things that make me more happy too. I will not talk to teachers in a rude mannor. I will follow all the teachers assingments. I will follow all the teachers rules for the class.


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