Strength and Conditioning

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Strength and Conditioning

Welcome to Strength and Conditioning Class!!!Here you will begin your first assignment: Creating your plan to be a healthier individual!This project will be the basis of your plan this 9 weeks. This "glog" will contain the steps to building your workout plan for our class. You will find videos, guides, and links to various workouts you can use to your advantage.Helpful links:

Strength and Conditioning

Building your program!

Get inspired

Create your workout plan


1) Decide your track: Wellness (moderate) or Atheltic Competition (Vigorous)2) Sign up for an account at This will be how you will plan your activities each week.3) Based on our class lecture and the links available build your first four weeks of exercise. Your workout will be based on your two short-term fitness goalsRemember:*Do not lift weights on consecutive days*When lifting weights, remembers our guidelines: Work each muscle group once per week, no more than 24 reps per muscle group.*Do not Jog more than 4 days a week*Allow 5 minutes before activity for warmup and 5 minutes after for static stretching*You must choose 3 differerent fitness activities each week. (Example: Yoga, Weightlifting, Jogging)* Avoid doing the same activity more than three days in the row4) Design your first four weeks on

Yoga Basics

Get fit fast bootcamp


Beginning Cardio

Hip-Hop Cardio


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