Street Math is the new School Math

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Street Math is the new School Math

Street Math is the new School Math

Communication-Math is NOT the Universal language-Vocabulary-Audience

Multiple Means of Representation- Present new concept in a number of different ways - pictures/symbols - gestures - use of home language - graphs/tables- Resources to Promote Student Participation- Assessment

Jawaid HussainGrace MuellerEmily Wolfe

ResourcesMoschkovich, J. (2013). Principles and Guidelines for Equitable Mathematics Teaching Practices and Materials for English Language Learners. Journal of Urban Mathematics Education. 6(1), 45-57. University of California Santa Cruz.Chival, K. ' Chavez, O. (2011). Designing Math Lessons for English Language Learners. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. 17(5), 261-265. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.Avando, C. J. ' Combs, M. C. (2006). Bilingual ' ESL Classrooms: Teaching in Multicultural Contexts. McGraw-Hill.

High Cognitive Demand*Explaining*Understanding (CGI)

Culture and Ethnomathematics-Mathematics rich cultural context-Ignored mathematical ideas of people-Math in cultural lens


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