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Street Dreams_English_Class

Street Dreams

this story is based on the skate culture , Derreck Cabrera and a group of friends has a dream of being sponsored and a day convertirce professional skaters, Derreck is a fond skater and is very talented but his parents do not support it because they think that it is not the most appropriate for his future. One of his friends becomes your worst enemy, Derreck ever tried a trick "THE NUC" actually is a croocked flip 360, Derreck has had series of unfortunate events he was finished with his girlfriend , he was arrested but the only thing good was going to tampa (Competition Skate)

Rob dyrdekthe actor, television star and professional skate, interprets to troy the antagonist of the story was hated, because he made ​​life miserable for Derreck, we transmitted the envy felt towards his friend Derreck

Ryan Dunnthe late Ryan, television personality and member of Jackass, interprets to Cash a character who amuses us with his irreverence and his funny way of doing things

Ryan Schecklerthe famous professional skate, interprets Eric's friend Derreck Cabrera a character that transmitted happiness and mischief of a guy who just likes to skate

Paul Rodriguez the famous professional skate interprets the protagonist of the story Derreck Cabrera, a character who transmitted the extreme energy of skateboarding and a way to fight for a dream


love story

C.C. SheffieldBeautiful actress and songwriter interprets to taylor, who manages to seduce to Derreck, Derreck and Taylor begin to appear more often as the brother of Taylor, who is also in competition TAMPA, so interrupted achieve their kiss at the end of the movie :D

the best trick and sponsorship

Derreck occupy fifth place in the competition of tampa, but achievement a trick phenomenal "THE NUC" a Croocked 360, for this trick was recognized by some sponsors


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