Stratospheric Balloon

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Stratospheric Balloon

Stratospheric Balloon

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1)What is a Solar Cell?a. How is it made?b. What is the photoelectric effect?2) What is a solar cell modual?3) What factors affect the power output of a solar cell modual?4) Why is solar power important to the future of space flight?

Max. Altitude: 94690ft/28.862 kmAscent Time: 1hr, 2minDescent Time: 1hr, 48minTime in Stratosphere: 29 minutes

1) A solar cell is a device that converts sunlight into energy.a. Solar cells are made up of silicon atoms so that when the atoms are hit by the sun photons, electrons are released. The solar cell then creates an imbalance which causes and electrical current to be formed. This current can now send its energy power whatever it is connected to. b. When matter gives off or emits electrons due to the energy absorbed after light exposure. 2) Solar moduals are many different solar cells that can be placed next to each other in order to harvest more energy from a certain spot than any single solar cell could collect by itself. 3) The time of day: In the middle of the day, the sun is closest to earth and produces the most energy. Weather: If it is a cloudy day, not as much sunlight is coming through as it would on a sunny day, there is not a lot of power. Season: In winter time, it is usually colder, darker, and the days are shorter which does not supply as much energy as summer when it is warm and sunny.4) Solar power is important to spaceflight because it could possibly use the harvested energy to power spacecrafts, thus allowing them to travel farther into space. This can be tested by attaching solar pannels onto the outside of spaceships.


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By Callie Jane Simmons - C Block

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Records of what happened


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