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strategy demonstration

Admit 3-2-1 Slip (Pre-reading activity)1. Upon entering the classroom, students will take an index card. On one side of the index card, students will number down the side 3-2-1, leaving space between each number for writing their answers.2. Give students about 5-8 minutes to answer the questions.3. Select student volunteers to read aloud what they have on their index cards. 4. While students are working on Admit slip, distribute playing cards randomly. There will be 4 groups: hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs.This pre-reading activity will set the stage for students and give them a visual idea of what the text will be about. Students will be able to make predictions, and once they begin reading, be able to adjust their predictions as needed.The word sort activity helps to build background knowledge by introducing students to vocabulary that they will encounter in the text. Students will be able to use dictionaries to help them with the word sort, as well as their own knowledge of parts of words, capital letters to help sort their words into categories.This activity is based on a Literacy Summit with Janet Allen I attended in November 2010.

After student groups share out and defend one of their word categories, they will watch a short video of an interview with Linda Sue Park, author of 'A Long Walk to Water', and Salva Dut, on whom the text is based.

A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park1. Teacher will read aloud the first chapter, modeling think aloud strategies to help monitor comprehension. 2. After the first chapter, students will read the second chapter with a partner. Students will use sticky notes to track their thinking. 3. Finally, students will complete an exit slip on the back of the index card they were given at the beginning of class.

A Long Walk to Water

by Linda Sue Park



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