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Strategy Demonstration

Strategy DemonstrationBy: Angela YoungThis Poster was created to show different before, during and after reading strategies that would be effective to use in the classroom. The strategies can be used with any book, but they were designed to be used with "The House of Dies Drear". These strategies will increase student comprehension and are very beneficial to students.

Strategy Demonstration: Before, During, After Reading Strategies

KWL- Together as a whole groupc create a KWL chart. The teacher will ask students "What do you know about Slavery?" and students will write down and share wtih the teacher whatever background knowledge they have on the topic Slavery. The topic of Slavery was chosen because it is a main topic in the book "The House of Dies Drear". Having students complete the "K" Portion of the chart increases student comprehension by engaging their prior knowledge and they will begin the unit already thinking about and connecting with the topic. It will also give the teacher information about the knowledge the class brings. Tell students to save this chart and fill it out as they read the story.

There are many after reading strategies that can be used. I often incorporate different activities to go along with comprehension questions. These activities are usually performance based and engage the students. After reading activities are used to clarify, reinforce and extend knowledge. Below is a list of different activities that could be used.....

After Reading

Before Reading:KWL

Your paragraph here

Vocabulary is critical to reading comprehension. It is important to preview important vocabulary words prior to reading. There are many strategies that can be used to do this. One strategy I use with this book is called the "Personal Vocabulary Chart" For this activity students can work independently or with a partner. Before reading each section the teacher will provide the students with a list of important vocabulary words. The student then needs to fill out their chart. For each word the student must brainstorm what they think the word means, find the true definition, find examples and then create and illustration. This allows the students to develop a deeper understanding of the word, and by connecting the words to different forms, the words are becoming engrained in the students vocabular.

Personal Vocabulary Charts

During Reading

This is a video of a teacher using a KWL Chart in her classroom. This is not me.

Above is a list of different activites from That is a site I use regularly for different activities. My favorite activity to use with the House of Dies Drear is the character monologue. I have the students pick their favorite scene of the book and become the character. They have to describe the event in detail and include how they are feeling. The students favorite activity is the movie trailer. The students work in groups to recreate their favorite event in the book. This activity is fun to video tape and have a showing.

Pick a card, any card: I often use this strategy during the reading of a story. I have sets of thinking prompts for stories. I will put the students and pairs and they have to pick a card that's face down and then respond. This could be done in pairs, groups, or even have students respond orally or written. This gets conversation flowing in the classroom and you can also assess comprehension. Some examples of the cards are: I can't believe that.....I never thought that.....This reminds me of......What if....I like the way......I was suprised by......Below are some other prompts that can be used....


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