Strategy 3:Product Goals

by McCoyAR2
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Strategy 3:Product Goals

i. Interactive Writing Gamesii. Reader's Theateriii. iWriteiv. Read, Write, Thinkv. CAST Science Writer

Online Resources:

Strategy 3: Recognize Audience and Specific Product Goals

& characteristics of the final product

1. Inspiration/Kidspiration2. Draft:Builder3. Kurzweil 3000

Commerical Software

a.moviewriterprob. memoiresc. show & write it

iPad Apps

Identify the purpose of the assignment

Setting Specific Product Goals


Study of Models

"provide students with objectives to focus on particular aspects of their writing. For example, a student may be instructed to take a position and write a persuasive letter..." (Graham & Perin, 2007)

"provide expicit subgoals... including a statement of belief, two or three reasons for that belief, examples of supporting information for each reason, two or three reasons why others might disagree, and why those reasons are incorect." (Graham & Perin, 2007)

Analyze models for examples of: critical elements, writing patterns, and writing forms. Apply to own writing. (Graham & Perin, 2007)

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