Strategy 1:Organize

by McCoyAR2
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Strategy 1:Organize

Technology tools to strengthen literacy instruction- ORGANIZE! Online/Web Based:FotoBabbleVoice ThreadRead, Write, Think (organize & summarize, iquiry & analysis, and online note taking)GlogsterSpidernetCharacter ScrapbookWebspirationRecall PlusExploratreeiPad:StorywheelPopplet LiteIdea SketchNoteabilityEvernoteAudioNotePaperport NotesSoftware:Draft: BuilderInspiration/KidspirationKurzweil 3000

Strategy 1: Organize text for use...

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1) Answering questions about a text 2)Taking notes- Structured Note Taking (Denner 1987) and Concept Mapping (Chang, Chen, & Sung 2002) 3) Summarizing main ideas

Watch this video about Inspiration maps on the iPad...

"Comprehending a text involves actively creating meaning by building relationships among ideas in a text, and between the text and one's knowledge, beliefs, and experiences." (Wittrock, 1990)



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