Strategies to Assist Multicultural Educators

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Strategies to Assist Multicultural Educators

Ethical:It is important to realize that ethical frameworks/codes are not binding documents or legal mandates.When pressure comes from political and legal power to compromise ones beliefs there is only two choices 1. Accept the Desicion or 2. Resign

INTELLECTUAL:Students & Faculty are less resistent to Mutticultural Education when presented through theory, statistics, current literature, and research results. *Individuals that hold the same pedagogy about multicultural education should band together.

Strategies to Assist Multicultural Educators:1. Intellectual2. Emotional3. Physical4. Ethical5. Spiritual

EMOTIONAL:When there is verbal resistence about multicultural education *react with empathy rather than anger or disgust*never react immediately to a negative reaction, give youself think time *celebrate small victories

PHYSICAL:When physical resistance is apparent defuse the situation by changing the subject-then:*monitor own breathing*monitor facial expression*speak in calm voice*move aroud room*read body language & take short breaks if signs of physical stress are apparent

SPIRITUAL:"the eternal human yearning to be connected with something larger than our own egos" (Palmer 2003)*Meditation*Journaling*Identifying Role Models & Mentors(not always in the educational world)


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