[2015] Usama Amer: strands of science

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[2015] Usama Amer: strands of science

By: Usama ( SAM )

Four Strands of Science

Four units you'll learn about

Why learn about ecology?

Why learn about electricity?

1. Chemistry2. Ecology3. Electricity4. Space

We need to learn about ecology to understand the relationships between organisms including humans in thier living enviroment and to understand the vital connections between plants and animals around the world

We should learn about electricity to know about the flow of electric charge and the effects it gives for example, lightning, static electricity, electromagnetic induction ad electric current. We need to know how to contril it and how it can be used in our everyday lives.

CHEMISTRY is all about:scientific methods, Lewis dot diagrams, matter and its particle theory, atoms, physial and chemical properties & Bohr Rutherford diagrams

Ecology is all about:Ecosystems, population graphs, organisms, biomes & organisms in an ecosystem

ELECTRICITY is all about:Electricity- static, conductors & insulators, current electricity, lighting & circuit diagrams

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You need to learn chemistry to know the main focus on the structure and properties of substances, particular kinds of matter & the changes they undergo.

Why learn about space?

SPACE is all about:solar systems, different planets, celestial objects, expanding universe, stars, sun and the different types of radiations

Why learn about chemistry?

This course can be learned online, in class and information can also be found in libraries

We need to learn about space to know and understand the world around us and about the solar systems and different types of planets so we can have a better understanding of our existene


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