STP Tsunami Surge

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STP Tsunami Surge

We chose the website USGS Earthquake Data because it showed us all the earthquakes happening and where they were. This helped because sometimes, earthquakes trigger tsunamis, so it would help us be on alert when an area has a big earthquake.

A website we chose was the U.S. National Data Buoy Center because it tracked buoys that reported data about tsunamis. This could help us warn areas the second we get a report of a tsunami.

The last website we chose was Weather Data. This is useful because we can see the weather and if it could cause tsunamis. We could be on the alert for tsunamis when it is the right weather conditions.

We placed our warning system 30 degrees north and 135 degrees west. This covers part of the west coast of the United States, and Hawaii. We chose this area because on the warning buoy map, there was nothing there, and we felt we should cover the gap. Also, if we placed our warning system too close to shore, the warning would come too late. So we placed out warning system where the area covered ended just at land.

STP Tsunami Surge

We would place the control center in Sacremento, California. This is because it is in the middle of California, where it can easily get to other places to warn, but in case of a tsunami, it isn't close enough to shore to get wiped out.

Our data is given to the control center by satelite because it is faster than boat or plane.

To improve this, we could alert the news and call an evacuation to all areas that could be affected.


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