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Pictorially and through short phrases, compare and contrast transactional, transformational, and pseudo-transformational leadership.

Transformational Leadership

Transactional Leadership

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Pseudo-transformational leaders are self-centeredSeek to become idols to followersManipulate followersEncourage the dependence of followersFoment greed, envy, hate, and deception.Uncooperative and contentious

Raise awareness of moral standards - Use authentic, consistent meansHighlight important priorities - Promote cooperation and harmonyFoster high moral maturity - Appeal to the ideas of followersProvide individual coaching and mentoring - Great integrityCreate an ethical climate - Use persuasive appeals based on reason Allow followers freedom of choice - Increase follower need for achievement

Pseudo-Transformational Leadership

Effective when used with Transformational Leadership Contingent reward and management by exceptionAppeal to lower level needs of followers: need for food, shelter, and acceptance. Exchange money, benefits, recognition and other rewards in return for the obedience and labor of followers, but the underlying system remains unchanged.



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