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Student Self EvaluationTASKTick Which Applies1. Work with an existing document templatea. I can open Powerpoint and insert new pages2. Design own BOOK suitable for a young child learning to read-The BOOK is functional i.e. communicates a logical short story.-The BOOK is aesthetically pleasing -The BOOK looks professional and is entertaining.a.I am pleased with the resultb.I included a set background graphic to create a scene and provide improved communication.c.I included a new graphic on each page to illustrate the subject of the page.d.I copied and pasted the original sentence, then made editing changes to suit the subject of the page. e.I edited the story for punctuation and spelling errors.f.It could be betterg.I’ try something different next time2. Save document in your area, in a computing studies folder, labelled Childrens Book 1.a.I have saved the document in the correct areab.I had difficulty saving the document3. Time Managementa.I was able to complete the task on timeb.I had to be pushe0d to complete tasksc.I did not finish5. Degree of Difficulty a.The work set was too hardb.I would like the activities to be more challengingc.I was able to be creatived.I used applications I have not used beforee.I found the activity interesting and challenging but was able to cope with it.f.I uploaded my BOOK to glogster and completed acover page, and submitted it for teacher to mark as an EXTENSION ACTIVITY.

Technology Outcomes Addressed:4.1.1 Applies design processes that responds to the needs and opportunities in each design project4.2.1 Generates and communicates creative design ideas and solutions4.3.2 Demonstrates responsible and safe use of a range of tools4.5.2 Produces quality solutions that respond to identified needs and opportunities in each design project4.61 Applies appropriate evaluation techniques throughout each design projectComputing Outcomes Addressed:1 a. Start up and shut down a computer safely2. b. Create a new document2. e Save a document in a specified location3.b Cut, copy and paste information from one location to another3.f. Insert a graphic image from a clip art collection7.b. Design a and plan a multimedia presentation, eg. Storyboarding7.c. Incorporate screen design principles in multimedia files.1.Open Microsoft Office – Powerpoint - Blank Presentation – Ok –2.New Slide ( blank)3.Create the cover of your book here, include story title (using word art), 4.Include Graphics and Authors name (changing font type, size and using bold). 5.Insert a new slide – Insert – New slide – OK6.Here you should insert a text box for your sentence and a picture box for your background graphic, then insert your subject graphic.7.Insert another new slide – Insert – New slide – OK8.To edit go - File- Print –

Design your glogster to replicate the cover of a book. The author and Illistrator is by YOU

Children's Storybook



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