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What is Storybird?Storybird is a Web 2.0 Tool that educators use for story telling website that allows children, students, teachers, and others to create, view and share stories.


How Can This Tool Be Used?This tool can be used in Language Arts. When having a lesson plan on creative writing, Storybird can help students learn how to create a short story while being creative.

Special Features:A story can be printed out or read directly from the computer.Students can share their stories with other students, family members or anyone they may choose. It is quick and easy to navigate.

How Can Students Learn From Storybird?Students can learn that Storybird is to help them communicate, share, create, and gain more writing skills.

Here is a quick video for creating a Stoybird.

Storybird consist of text boxs, pictures, audio, videos, color to create a story.You may also download different pictures from your computer that you may want to share.

Storybird is easy, creative and fun for all ages!

Find the link here:


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