Story Shards, part two

by MrHodgson
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Language Arts

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Story Shards, part two

I should probably change into my super suit. Without it, I have no powers whatsoever. – Hunter

For the last 12 years, no human has ever stepped foot on Bling Berry Beach. – Kaira

All the animals looked up into the sky and there was a turtle-looking space ship. – Morgan C.

She was so shaken up, she was trembling, and her skin was as white as snow. – Elleana

They were lifting hippos, punching trees, doing push-ups and crunches. – Andrew

We hit a rock and that's when the family vacation was ruined. – Alana

The mom got very scared and slammed the door. – Tim

I was ready to jump off the tree limb and scratch out his eyes. – Taylor M.

As they open the hatch, Jon's hands start to glow green. – Grayson

I really didn't know what happened to me, but I was in the middle of somewhere that I didn't recognize. – Neslihan

Her tail was shining beneath the water surface from the sun's reflection. – Jenna

His parents knew he was a special boy just by watching him and the way he coped with his blindness. – Will

She was astonished by how many stars could possibly fit into one sky. – Maddie P.

I looked down to see the wild dog prints right under me. – Sophia

If he wanted to save New York, he would have to risk everything. – Seth

In a few minutes, the plane was being battered. – David

The object I stepped on wasn't a leaf or a tree branch; it was a book. – Nicole

I heard quick, swift footsteps running through the trees. – Amanda Y.

I slammed on the button to go up, but nothing happened. – Michael

Story ShardsPart Two

There were burn marks on the side, like it had flown through fire. - Alex

It had only been around one month since thee Flaming Star went down, but it seemed like one year. – Lydia

The world will still be contaminated with zombies and nothing will ever be the same, but right now, hugging Diana, Jo felt that everything was perfect. – Bristol

But then daylight turned into darkness as I slowly faded away. – Eric

I knocked on the golden gates, but nobody answered. – Jonathan

Leo started to walk backwards, but the alien came closer. – Kenze

Before you scream, come to my house and let me tell you the whole story. – Brittney

Just yesterday, I had discovered a series of dots on the wall of my cellar. - Amanda B.

And they all turn out to be best friends. – Emerson

He has always been scared of heights, ever since he was a kid. – Jack

“On your 18th birthday, my present to you will be in my belly.” – Mary

“The Aliens Strike Again” was the headline on the front of the New York Times newspaper. – Skylar

White hair, on tan skin, with purple lipstick: I would say you are the smartest fashion genius in all of Japan. – Eleanor

I'm not surprised that no one has found us. – Liz


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