Story Shards, Part One

by MrHodgson
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Language Arts

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Story Shards, Part One

Penelope was anxious to see the inside because, like a book, houses can't get judged by their covers. – Rowan

A herd of red-eyed baboons burst out of nowhere, howling at them and chasing them through the trees. – Matt

Out of the bag came mirrors of such great quantity that it was hard to believe they could all fit in such a small bag. - Charlotte

What was that high mysterious voice that just had come upon their ears? - Barret

And for once, we didn't have to look over our shoulders all the time, and I knew what everyone else was thinking: next time this happens, we would be ready. – Jake W.

They looked at each other and ran into the garage and said, “Dad, someone stole the Banshee and the 250!” – Brian

My dreams have been increasingly vivid, and I am beginning to fear that those dreams WILL make me crazy. - Jacob C.

I didn't know much but I do know I am breaking out of here and finding my brother. – Gage

She turned just in time to see a net come over her head. - Lauren

Five days had passed and the trap was finally ready. - Erika

He could not possibly get safely out of the house before the space ship was launched. – Katelyn

I wave the branch around us and buy us enough time to run. – Emma

She takes all of my dreams into her hands. – Amanda

As we scream at each other, neither of us notice that we had indeed landed in a dirty, dark hallway that leads to a maze of rooms and corridors. – Abbe

They have been stranded for about four years. – Max

I will cast my revenge and I will do it soon. – Wesley

They say it's this rock or crystal that has massive power that can make the earth's crust deteriorate and can destroy the earth.” – Collin

James crept up very slowly; he didn't feel like being attacked by a bear today. – Jarrod

Evan and Max, I have two words: mission accomplished. – Evan

They hid their secret from everyone. – Maureen

I felt like someone was watching me, and I felt the same way on the plane. – Chloe

Snort was a fearless soldier exploring the outer regions of the solar system. – Jordan

But in order to get the treasure, you have to avoid the traps, which Mr. Bunny didn't. – Sarah

In the morning, everyone woke up to a loud, cranky, creepy old voice outside the shelter. – Molli

I climbed out my window, about to hug her, and realized this isn't the real world. – – Madi

“I have secretly been watching and studying every move of the president and have found out that the president is, a matter of fact … an alien.” – Thomas

Jackie hit the coconut as hard as she could and it smashed open. – Becca

But Anna didn't know that there was something different about that morning that would change her life. – Ariel

Johnny pulled Hannah aside and said, what if he is tricking us? – Morgan L.

But on the inside, I am just an innocent boy who got mixed up with the wrong people. – Will S.

It all started one morning when I woke up, twisted my watch and I was instantly transported to an island in the middle of the ocean. – Tyler J.

The storm was one that made you fall asleep for 1,000 years. – Taylor B.

Story Shards

Story Shards


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