Story of a girl

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Story of a girl

The climax of my book is when Deanna is getting called names for being the school slut. Tommy was also in a troubled home because he was acting outragouesly.

Deanna's reputation was terrible. She was also looking for job a because her mom stopped working becasue she was so depressed so Deanna had to help out with taxes, and bills.

Deanna's parents told her that now that her brothers gone they have nothing else to look forward to.

Deanna's life is changed forever. Sence the night her father caught her in the back of Michael Buick.

The genre of my book is young adult literature.

I didnt really like the book that much because it wasnt very interesting.

The main characters in this book are Deanna, Tommy, Michael, Mom, Dad, and April.

"Story Of A Girl"

Sara Zarr

Main Characters




Main Idea

Complicating Events

Deanna's boyfriend gets her a job at Picasso's Pizza. Her parents have been going to councling with Deanna because of all the chaos with her.

I recomend this book to people who like to read about depression.





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