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story map

Setting In the beginning of the story, they are at the run-down motel. In the middle and end, the are in the sectret city of Ashtown.

CharactersCyrus, "Cy" Antigone, "Tigs"DanNolanRupert G.Mr. Pheonix/ Mr. AshesGunnerHoraceBilly Bones

Story Map

ProblemDan is kidnapped when Maxi sets the motel on fire,b trying to kill Billy. Cyrus and Antigone have to go to Ashtown and save the town and their brother from Mr. Pheonix.

8 events1: Motel burns down2: Maxi attacks Horace3: Air gunners sent by Pheonix attack4: Cy and Tigs arrive in Ashtown

8 events continued5: Maxi attempts to steal tooth6: they learn that the cook is evil.7: they battle Mr. Ashes, but he gets the tooth.8: They rescue Dan and their mother.

ParagraphCyrus, antigone, and Dan run an old motel. When Dan brother is kidnapped Cy and Tigs are sent to Ashtown, where they live with Nolan in the spider filled room of the Polygon. They have to not only save the rest of their family, but become journeymen under the rules of 1914-15 acolytes.



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