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Story about Elizabeth Garreau

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I chose Special Education as a major because I fell in love with the Special Needs population my senior year of high school after interning in a Special Education classroom. The students are a joy to work with and brighten my day! I love to work with them to overcome their challenges and watch them succeed!

I am a Special Education - Adapted Curriculum major!


The Story about Elizabeth Garreau

Why ?

I enjoy working with students that fall into the category of more severe/profound disabilities, that is why I chose Adapted Curriculum. Within that group of students I like to work with students with multiple disabilities.


All of my teaching experience comes from student teaching at ECU and Boston University. I am very excited to announce that my Senior 1 placement is at South Central High School in a Severe ID classroom!

I am currently studying to get my EMT-Basic certification in hopes that it can help me in the classroom and because it is an awesome job! I also enjoy swimming and playing rugby when I have time!

Teaching Experience

Outside the Classroom!


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