story 1

by Brockstars
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Language Arts

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story 1

a horrid witch was jealous of Joliella and decided that if Joliella became a teacher, then all of the children would become smarter than the witch was and would not fear her anymore. "I will no longer control this kingdom and all the subjects if that girl becomes a teacher! I must stop her!" the witch growled threw her gnarly teeth. So the witch tricked Joliella by telling her that there was a special class of children in the clock tower and that there was no one to teach them. Joliella, upon hearing this, felt compelled to go and help. What Joliella didn't know is that the witch put a spell on the room. As soon as Joliella stepped foot inside the tower room.....

Once upon a time, there was a little princess who wanted more than anything to be the greatest teacher in the whole kingdom. She worked hard, studied every chance she was given, and practiced on the one doll that her parents had left her before they had given her to the king to adopt as his own. Her name was Joliella, and she had been chosen by the king to be the princess for he had no daughters of his own and he thought Joliella was a kind-hearted, honest girl who would one day rule the kingdom as he did; with integrity and fairness. There was just one problem...



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